Participation Procedures


Living Well Fitness Sessions

Living Well at Texas A&M has partnered with Texas A&M Rec Sports and Piranha Fitness Studios to offer complimentary fitness classes for faculty and staff each week. Remember, you can use your Wellness Release Time, 30 minutes, 3 times a week, for wellness activities!

Registration for classes and events will only be available through our MindBody App either by phone or web interface which is super cool and easy to use.

Participation Procedures at Rec Sports

Several of the available fitness classes on the Living Well fitness schedule are presented in partnership with Texas A&M Rec Sports and some are even held at the Student Recreation Center (Rec), MAP.

  1. Faculty and staff employees should register for Living Well classes using the MindBody Registration Software.
    • *with the exception of during interim schedule time periods, you will use the Rec Sports app to register.
  2. Faculty and staff employees should register for the Living Well Pass with Rec Sports
    • All employees need to register for the Living Well Pass via https://recconnect.tamu.edu/ or download the Texas A&M Rec Sports App via  https://recsports.tamu.edu/app/ and click the Passes Icon.
    • Returning Users: Log in with their NetID. Click on the Passes Icon and select the Living Well Pass. Follow the remaining steps.
    • First-Time Users: To access the Living Well pass with Rec Sports, participants should visit Rec Sports Member Services at the Rec Center on the first floor with TAMU faculty/staff ID. Request  the Living Well pass to be added to your account. This should be at no cost. Employees at Member Services will confirm your faculty/staff status with the university and post the membership to your account. This process should take about 5-10 minutes therefore feel free to complete this step with enough time before attending a fitness class on the Living Well schedule.  Follow the remaining steps.
    • Register for all classes 7 days in advance via the ‘Fitness & Wellness Icon’. Each class should process a $0 charge as long as you have the Living Well Pass. If for some reason you have issues with this please still show up for the class and the instructor should be able to add you manually
  3. Living Well participants are required to swipe their employee I.D. at the Rec Center turnstiles or use the Rec Sports App to gain access via their Member ID icon/barcode.
  4. Upon arriving to the classroom/space where the fitness session is being held, Living Well participants should enter the studio from the “entrance door”.
  5. Participants are required to check-in with the class instructor by showing them their employee I.D. and show proof of their class registration in the Living Well App before participating in our classes.
    • The class instructor is responsible for marking each participant as attended or no-show for class attendance purposes.
  6. Clean your equipment using gym wipes or other cleaning products and then put it back in designated areas while maintaining physical distancing guidelines before leaving the studio via the exit door.

Accessing the Rec: Living Well participants are asked to pass through the turnstiles no earlier than 20 minutes prior to the start of class and no later than 5 minutes after the class begins. Please note your LIVING WELL MEMBERSHIP will not allow you to access the facility at any point prior to the 20 minutes or after the 5 minutes has elapsed. We hope that these measures will minimize disruptions caused by late arrivals and will enhance the experience for the instructor and participants.

As a courtesy to other members and our instructors, if you are unable to attend the class you must cancel participation in a class 15 minutes before the scheduled class time in order to avoid a no-show penalty.

Participation Procedures at Piranha

Piranha Fitness Studio offers select complimentary, private, and/or blended fitness classes for faculty and staff as part of their group classes program.

Piranha Fitness Studio Policies

Piranha Fitness Class Descriptions

Parking at Piranha – Parking is available in front of Piranha Fitness Studio which is located at 315 College Avenue, College Station, TX 77840 (located off University Dr. behind IHOP). No parking permit or vehicle tag is required in this area of the parking lot.

Other Transportation / Parking Information

Aggie Spirit Transit

Transit provides a variety of services for the Texas A&M University community. On-Campus service is free to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to Texas A&M. On-Campus service consists of eight routes that move passengers from point to point around campus. Off-Campus service, which requires student or employee ID, is used to transport students, faculty, and staff to and from campus. Off-Campus service consists of ten routes that cover Bryan and College Station. Paratransit service is provided for our temporarily and permanently disabled students, faculty, and staff. It requires that an application be filed with and approved by Transportation Services. Please view the Transportation Services website for more information on bus Leave Times and Maps.

Pay By Space Stations

Transportation Services has provided parking accommodations for visitors or those without valid parking passes in locations listed on this page. The fee for parking in these areas is posted at the entrance to each parking facility. A limited number of spaces on campus are designated as timed parking and intended for short-term parking only. These spaces are designated by signs and/or paint on the curb/space which indicates the period of time someone may park in the space. No permit is required to park in the timed spaces. (Exception to this is Lot 104 where a valid permit is required) These areas are strictly enforced to ensure their availability. Please view the Transportation Services Visitor Parking Map for more information.

Night Passes

Night and weekend parking is available from 5 pm to 6 am for valid permit holders in unrestricted/unnumbered spaces in most lots except lots 30, 40, 72, 99, and 122. Night and weekend parking at West Campus Garage begins at 4 pm, allowing for fitness session participants to participate in evening classes.

Any Valid Permit

With Any Valid Parking Permit fitness session participants can park in lots near The Rec Center, PEAP, and the General Services Complex.