Employee Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

Enriched Education Benefits

Texas A&M University is proud to provide access to high-quality benefits that support your professional and educational goals through Employee Tuition Assistance. The University encourages you to pursue higher education to enrich your lives and help Texas A&M develop the highest quality workforce.


Eligible employees must be admitted as a degree-seeking student to Texas A&M through the Office of Admissions. Tuition assistance benefits for which employees are eligible will reflect as a credit against the fees assessed for the applicable term. No additional application process will be necessary. Employees who receive tuition assistance will be required to adhere to all rules associated with being a student at Texas A&M, including, but not limited to, registering for classes, paying fees, and adhering to all academic rules and deadlines.

Educational Release Time is available to eligible employees who are registered as students to attend classes, with appropriate approval, during their regularly scheduled workday. This program provides employees with more flexibility to further their growth and advancement, enhance their involvement in the life of the University, and to further their education to become a more productive and knowledgeable workforce. Employees should check with their manager or supervisor prior to course registration for classes taken during the workday.

In addition to the employee tuition assistance benefits, Texas A&M University employees may also apply for a fee exemption through Student Business Services.


Employees eligible for the tuition assistance program must meet all of the following criteria:


The Employee Tuition Assistance Program will be processed as a scholarship. Texas A&M University will pay up to $1,000 per class as follows:

If you meet the required criteria for eligibility, there is no application process and no action on your part for you to be awarded this scholarship. Programming is in place to automatically identify employees who are registered and meet the criteria. Scholarships will be posted to your student bill 5 days prior to the first day of class each semester or shortly after enrollment, whichever applies. Eligible employees enrolled at Texas A&M University will automatically receive this scholarship during the fall, spring, and/or summer semesters. Eligible employees will be notified via their Texas A&M email account that the scholarship has been awarded.


The Employee Tuition Assistance Program is financially supported through central funding from Main campus agency code (part 02)Health Science Center agency code (part 23), or Galveston campus agency code (part 10) based on the employee’s component from which the majority of their salary is sourced. Other Texas A&M agencies are not participating in this program.

To find the agency code in which you are associated with, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Workday at sso.tamus.edu.
  2. Click the Personal Information icon in the Applications section.
  3. Click the About Me link in the View section.
  4. Under the section labeled Supervisory Organization, you will see your administrative location (adloc); the agency code is the first 2 digits of that number (e.g. for an adloc of 02120006, the agency code is 02).

For questions regarding the Employee Tuition Assistance Program and process, contact Scholarships & Financial Aid at fellowschol@tamu.edu or (979) 458-5411. For questions regarding admission to Texas A&M, contact Admissions Customer Service at admissions@tamu.edu or (979) 845-1060.