Wellness Premium Incentive& WebMD ONE

Wellness Premium
Incentive& WebMD ONE

Please note: As of September 1, 2023, MyEvive has been updated to WebMD ONE for all medically-enrolled employees.

Engage in Your Health

The Texas A&M University System recognizes the importance of fostering employee wellness. The Wellness Premium Initiative is designed to engage employees in healthy behaviors through campus- and agency-based programs encouraging wellness.

Two-Step Wellness Premium Incentive

How to take advantage of the Two-Step Wellness Program premium incentive:

If you choose not to participate in the wellness premium incentive program, you will not receive the $30 premium reduction.

Learn more on the Two-Step Wellness Program page.

Wellness Exam

You can get your wellness exam completed at locations convenient to you both on and off-campus:

Check out these wellness exam resources before your visit.

What is WebMD ONE?

WebMD ONE is a personalized benefit resource that alerts you about health and savings opportunities so you don’t have to search for them yourself.

Spouses will register just like they did with MyEvive to access their Personalized Checklist. Please note, a one-page quick guide is also available on the User Guide and FAQ tile within the WebMD portal under the TAMUS Resources tab.

Questions and WebMD ONE Help

View more details via the Texas A&M System’s website. Contact Benefits Services at benefits@tamus.edu for assistance or questions.