Tobacco Cessation Assistance/Resources

Tobacco Cessation

Here to Help

All Texas A&M University campuses and college sites became Tobacco-Free as of January 2020. We encourage tobacco users to seek assistance through any of the tobacco-cessation resources below.

Smoking Cessation Resources:
Blue Cross Blue Shield A&M Care Health Plan Participants
Nicotrol NS (nasal spray)90-day supply in a 365-day period
Nicotrol Inhaler90-day supply in a 365-day period
Zyban*90-day supply in a 365-day period
Nicorette Gum/Lozenge90-day supply in a 365-day period
Nicotine patches90-day supply in a 365-day period
Chantix180-day supply in a 720-day period

* Requires preauthorization with Medco; call (800) 753-2851

Employee Assistance Program

(for employees and eligible dependents)

Work/Life Solutions Program by GuidanceResources® is available online with organization web ID: TAMUS or by phone:

Student Health Services

(for student employees)

American Cancer Society


American Lung Association

Visit the ALA Website or call the Lung Helpline: (800) LUNG-USA (586-4872)

National Cancer Institute 


Other Online Resources

Contact benefits@tamu.edu if you have questions.